September Fall Happenings

Hey everyone!  Fall has begun and I am behind on getting out my fall accessories!  I have been behind on a lot of things this month and it has been awhile since I have updated my blog.  It has been a super busy month with traveling, weddings, anniversary’s, and work!  Things are good here except I hurt my shoulder cleaning under a bed….lol!

How does that happen anyway?  Well, I got through my traveling a few weeks ago for work and now I am smack dab in the middle of a turnaround so I have been extremely busy but more on that later.  In case you don’t know what a turnaround is, it is when a plant or refinery shuts down a specific unit or area to make repairs or to change out bad parts for new parts or all of the above.  So, I’m tracking labor, equipment, and materials for a plant in Oklahoma ( reason for my trip) and it is a 7 day a week job!  I’m not sure how long it will last but I think a couple of months so, you may not see me on here as much as in the past for a little while anyway.

I have not been in my craft room to make anything lately due to work but, I did get to go on a retreat with some of my besties 2 weeks ago.  It was great as usual!  Here is one pic, I’m not sure where the others are as I didn’t take them this time:

Christy, Kim, Me

Willowcreek retreat 9-2015

I had a wedding the same weekend.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and so was the bride.  I felt honored to be in the room with the bride to help with getting her ready.  I’m her step-mom but she makes me feel as special as her birth mother.  I love her for that.  I do tease them all telling them I’m the wicked step-mom.  It is a joke between me and the step-kids.  They know I love them and they have come to me since they were kids if they need help with anything.  🙂  So here is a few pics.  The goofy one is me with MY daughter in a photo booth they had at the reception.

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The wedding was on Friday (the day I was supposed to be at the crop) but, it was my step daughter’s wedding so I had to postpone my weekend crop for a day.  I ended up going to the crop on Saturday but, I still had a good time.  I love my weekend crops because I get some scrapbooking done that I don’t do at home.  I usually go in my craft room to scrapbook but end up making cards or home decor instead.

After my weekend crop I had to get ready to celebrate 9 years of marital bliss with my awesome husband!  My anniversary was on a Wednesday so I didn’t get to spend much time with him except for dinner (which was great) and we spent most of that time in the car in traffic.  We normally celebrate on the weekend with a trip of some sort but, my new work schedule along with my crop weekend did not allow that this year.

We exchanged gifts and OMG, my husband is just the best.  He got me this wonderful Mac computer that I am so in love with (pic at the bottom) and it is so big that there is almost no room on my desk for it (but, I will somehow manage…lol).  I now have a beautiful computer to write these fabulous blog posts on and since it has a 5k display (tv’s aren’t even up to that yet), I can make and watch videos in vivid colors and action!  It is so wonderful, I feel guilty about buying him clothes and equipment he wanted for his hobby of metal detecting!  He also bought me a beautiful card that we exchanged over dinner.  He is just the best and I love him so much!  Okay, enough of the mushy stuff!


I have had no time to make him a card so I through one together very quickly.  I think it turned out pretty good considering I didn’t have all the materials to make it at the time.  I threw some things in a bag and took it to work to make on my lunch half hour.  Well, he loved it and that is all that matters right?  So this is a quick and simple card (especially since I keep some card bases on hand that I make up ahead of time).

Card bases are really simple to make.  You take an 8 x 11 card stock paper (usually white or cream color) and cut it down to 10″ in length.  I make most of mine 4-1/4 x 5-1/2.  You then cut the short side to 4-1/4 so you paper at this point is 4-1/4 x 10.  You then fold it in half and use your bone folder or any straight edge will do and smooth your fold flat.  I used some paper (not Close To My Heart) out of the Always and Forever paper pack from Hobby Lobby.  I also used Elegant Edges cricut cartridge for the middle tag.  I added some gold ribbon and some gold shimmer tape (Close to my Heart Z1985).  I used the Celebrate Love for the outside stamp Happy Anniversary (CTMH discontinued) but, there are many sentiment stamps on my website you can replace it with.  The inside stamp (not shown ) is also a discontinued stamp so I won’t go into that one either which is why I didn’t post a picture.  You can stamp the inside or you can write a special message which, I did both.  I really wish I had  brought some distress inks with me to ink the edges of the middle cut out piece that says Happy Anniversary but, I was in a hurry trying to get ready for work and I just wasn’t planning it out in my head yet.  I grabbed the chocolate ink pad at the last-minute and I didn’t want to ink the edges in the same dark brown.  That’s it!  Your done until you get ready to decorate!  Comment and let me know what you think.


Here is my card and like I said, he was the receiver, he loved it, and I’m happy that he is happy!   Well, I really need to make up some more anniversary cards for sure to stock up for friends and family.  They come out much better when I plan them out….  I have lots of birthday cards, just not special occasion cards.  Do you make cards and if so, do you stock up on all holidays and occasions.

Well, that is all the crafting I have done lately but I do have a video that I still need to edit and some scrapbook page layouts I really need to finish.  I hope to get to those at home soon.  I wanted to edit my video last weekend at the crop but since I was a day late, I just didn’t have time but maybe one day soon.  I did a video of a tour of my craft room but, maybe I need to just re-shoot it since I have a new addition…. :).  Well, until next time.  Keep on crafting!

Don’t forget your flip flaps!

They make scrapbooking with lots of pictures so much better!  Get them here.!!!